The Book of Ebenezer Le Page/Guernsey Royal Mint Stamps

I am so excited that 6 of my Ebenezer Le Page stamps are released at stamps on August 24th 2022.

The stamps form a narrative arc which echo Edwards’ book and follow the eponymous Guernsey man Ebenezer from boyhood to old age. They have been picked from the 14 original images to highlight key point in Ebenezer’s life and document his journey from boyhood flying his homemade kite on the common to a romantic reunion as an elderly man with his spirited love interest Liza Quéripel.

The island of Guernsey and the 20th century form a backdrop to Ebenezer’s story and the stamps. From the book we can denote Ebenezer’s birth to be somewhere around the end of the 19th century and the costume and feel of the images change accordingly. The images have taken me all over the island to research costume, location, architecture and light. I am so proud and excited to be part of this project.

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