Guernsey Arts Sunday, June 9th 2013

We are thrilled to have released our book ‘The Soul of the Sea’ a tribute to Victor Hugo’s ‘Toilers of the Sea’ at the Guernsey Arts Commission Arts Sunday. Despite the wind and my freezing feet we sold lots of copies and really enjoyed talking to everyone who popped by to look at our work. The book is now available to buy island wide or through this blog, details of which are included in my previous post. Thanks to all who have supported us we are so proud to have finally got it out there.

One thought on “Guernsey Arts Sunday, June 9th 2013

  1. Your friend Kyra gave me your link & I was pleased to find I very much like your work.

    In one of your posts you mention something about a certain snobbery regarding art versus illustration.
    I remember the same thing when I was at art school too. I think it's a bit pointless & limiting in the end. Lots of what is considered to be art (for example Italian Renaissance painting) could equally be said to be illustration in the sense that there is a narrative to interprete. Yet I don't think most people would call it illustration.
    Equally I've found some people seem to think that illustration is a style in itself, regardless of whether or not there is accompanying text or there is the possibility of a narrative interpretation.
    In my opinion illustration can't be A style!

    Why can't some work be considered both art & illustration without losing its validity as art in some peoples' eyes?

    That's how I would view yours at any rate.

    Good luck to you & your husband with the book.


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