Love is H’s hands…

Hands, we all have them. We use them every day, they do all the hard work, pull, scrub, twist, push, touch, caress, and yet we take them for granted. They almost appear like automatic objects on the end of our arms. As I get older, I notice my own hands and those of loved ones more and more. I watch my hands age, I watch them hold my children, wield my paint brush, put the bins out, brush my daughter’s hair. They’re certainly not pretty but they are possibly the most me part of me. My children’s hands say so much about them too and their whole personalities are bond up in them for me. H’s hand are like my dad’s, short-fingered, with wide flat finger nails. He’ll carry his grand father in his hands every day of his life, every thing he does will be touched by generations gone by. H’s dirty, hard little hands carry a world gone by, a world right here, right now and a world yet to come.

A Force of Nature

Autumn is my favorite season. The things I love about it are… spiders webs, the sounds of rustling leaves in the trees, the light on warm days (totally golden), the light on cold days (hard edged as crisp as the air), Halloween, walking in welly boots again, the park, lanes like tunnels with leaves wiped up by the wind but above all G. My G, slugs and snails and puppies dogs tails and chocolate and love.

Guernsey Arts Sunday, June 9th 2013

We are thrilled to have released our book ‘The Soul of the Sea’ a tribute to Victor Hugo’s ‘Toilers of the Sea’ at the Guernsey Arts Commission Arts Sunday. Despite the wind and my freezing feet we sold lots of copies and really enjoyed talking to everyone who popped by to look at our work. The book is now available to buy island wide or through this blog, details of which are included in my previous post. Thanks to all who have supported us we are so proud to have finally got it out there.